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"Inside me is my skeleton!" - Johnner Snellerbelly

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"Snell reminds you of a fragile, endangered species, either the last or the first of his kind, looking for a lost world, or a world that never was."
~ Mary Ann Vincenta,
The Pulse of the Twin Cities

Welcome to the Official Web site for John Snell the Tenth's Music and writings!

John Snell X

CDs Released by John Snell thus far include:

  • The Alien Highway (1999)
  • Audibly Oriented (2002)
  • The Clock Stops Here (2005)
  • Peculiar Songs for a Particular Audience - The CompleteHome Recordings of John Snell the Tenth 1997-2001 (released in 2006)
  • Ignition to On Position (2008)

The New Studio Album is Here!
Singles from the New album can be heard at myspace.com/minneapolismusic

Other songs are at myspace.com/johnsnellx

Brand New Album Official Release

Here is the back cover of the new album:
"Ignition to On Position".

17 Songs and a Music Video. It's the 2005 Studio Album

~ The Clock Stops Here ~

Clock Stops Here

Print out an order form or you can order this album on- line!


"I really dig what he came out with this time...It definitely takes you on a journey...a journey you probably wouldn't think to go on by yourself, but you'll feel safe holding John's hand. I highly recommend taking it."

-On-air comments by Mei Young, KQRS 92.5FM in Minneapolis, MN

CD Baby

Clock Stops Here Back

Click Here for Photos of the CD Release Party (Live at the Turf Club in St. Paul)!!

"My beard acts like arms that pull food out of my mouth and spread it all over my face!"

~John Snell the Tenth

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John Snell Studio Photo

There's John Snell the 10th all sophisticated.

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Saturday, Oct 15th, 2011
Live solo show at the Hexagon Bar in South Mpls. 9pm Free

Sunday Oct. 2nd, 2011 8PM!
Live X-Plosion!

John Snell X on Piano & Guitar
Jeremy Ylvisaker on Guitar & Bass
Michael Lewis on Bass 'n Sax
Martin Dosh on Drums & Drums!

Live at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul (6 W 6th St.)
Free. All Ages

Martin Devaney plays secondly.

Hear streaming Audio at: www.myspace.com/johnsnellx

Fine Line Music Cafe
Above is a show at The Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis, MN
Peter Anderson - Drums; Jeremy Ylvisaker - Lead Guitar, Bass & Vocals; Ryan Smith on Bass, Lead Guitar & vocals; Devon Evans on Percussion;
John Snell X on Wurlitzer & Guitar & Vocals
And Guest appearences by...
T-Bone Thomas - Trombone; Zack Lozier - Trumpet; Michael Lewis - Saxaphone!

Devon Evans

Devon Evans

New in 2006 was this 2 disc psychedelic retrospective...

Peculiar Songs for a Particular Audience

peculiar songs

Copies of "Peculiar Songs..." and all other CDs are in STOCK Now!!


You can buy any of the Sneller's albums by using the "Buy/Shop" button on the left column of this Web Page.

Download these timeless songs or listen to the new studio album (The Clock Stops Here) at
CD Baby

Sodderville (From Audibly Oriented-2002)
Kosovo (From The Alien Highway-1999)
Area 51 (From The Alien Highway-1999)



In 2002 John Snell released the studio album

Audibly Oriented

Audibly Oriented Cover

And in 1999...The Alien Highway

"The Alien Highway is indulgence, experimentation, hallucination and deviation all rolled into one chunk of plastic..." - Paul D., Pulse of the Twin Cities

Alien Highway Cover

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"No other past would have formed this exact present."

-John Snell the Tenth

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